How to get perfect posture and become taller in 1 week


Several famous techniques used by Alice Robinson from England and got successful to increase intervertebral disk height by 1 to 2 mm and expanding spinal column by 1.5cm and getting taller by an inch in just one week.

Its great to know that actually, a human body gets taller while laying. During the daytime, while sitting, walking and awake the spinal cord get a shrink and while laying down it gets increased.
Here is a list of few very effective exercises for the people below age 25 as they won’t get expected results.

1: Riding a bicycle:
Adjust the seat of the bicycle in such a height where you will be able just to reach the paddle. Do not increase the height of seat very much or it can cause joints pain.

2: Hanging on to the bar:
Its plain and simple as the name. No need to push your body up or chin up. Just hang to the bar for as long as you are able to hang. It will help your spinal cord to grow and also will improve muscles strength.

3: Standing on shoulders:
In this exercise lay down on the ground straight and then hold your back with hands and push your lower body till back straight upward and stay for as long as possible. Any smaller mistake in this exercise can get you in trouble.

4: The Cobra Exercise:
Stay down on the ground while face toward the ground. Then place both hands on the ground and apply force and try to lift the upper portion of the body. Its great for spinal cord strength and increase disk height.

5: Do body bend:
Stand firm on the ground. Then bend down the upper body and keeping legs straight with no bend. Try to touch toes with hands and then slowly to the rest position. This is great for back body muscles to grow.

6: Jumping:
Any game which includes jumping i.e. basketball, badminton etc and roping. Jumps are really essential for the growth and strength of bones and eventually help to grow body height.

7: Cobra position on shoulders:
Lay down on the ground while face up. Then bend the legs till knees. Put straight hands on the ground. Now push the ground with hands and toes and try to rise body as much as possible to form a cobra shape and then hold the body in such position as much as possible.

8: Swiming:
Swiming is overall the best exercise of all as the body floats and move with force in water. It gives real strength to muscles and bones and helps them both to grow.


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