Beauty experts who use 13 secrets to make look hollywood celebrities look perfect.


You might have noticed that most of the Hollywood celebrities were not this much attractive before as they are now. This is all possible through aesthetic beauty and professional makeover.
One of the best and famous dermatologist is Harold Lancer. Who has surprisingly changed many actors with time?
We will share with you all those secrets.

1: Clenching teeth and making faces:
It has been noticed that many people clench teeth and make different faces for selfies and these things are totally against the beautiful face structural lines. Try to avoid such things.

2: Moisturising cream application of face within one minute of face wash:
Moisturising cream must be applied within one minute after face wash because it keeps moisture between face and cream after facewash. If times goes beyond one minute then skin get dry and thin moisture layer is not achieved.

3: Drinking alcohol before waxing:
If you are gonna do waxing then do not drink alcohol a day before waxing. If you do so it will reduce the effect and will cause much pain during waxing.

4: Dry hairs before swimming:
The best possible solution to prevent hairs from salted sea water is to wet your hairs on clean water before swimming. It fills all the gaps and create a protective layer and prevent any damage from salted water.

5: Using cotton pads:
The best possible way to apply cream is to use fingers and palm on your skin because makeup spnges and cotton pads absorb materials and disturb the ratio. So its best to use fingers for application of the cream.

6: Primer Use:
Application of foundation may result in loss of moisture from the skin. So its good to apply primer before application of foundation. It prevent skin from acene and pimples.

7: Anti dandruf shampo use on skin:
This might appear strange but in case of a pimple if no sudden solution is available the best possible solution is to use anti dandruf shampoo on the pimple and it will remove it because it contain zinc pyrithione. It should not be used regularly but once a week is fine.

8: Shaving dry legs:
Most of the people try to shave legs when they are wet. The best possible solution is to apply scrub and then wash legs and let them to dry. When they get dry then they should be shaved. It is easy, do not cause infection and reduce skin irritation. After shave or moisture can be applied after shaving.

9: Use of Baking soda on hairs.
Most of the time when styling products are applied on hairs then they are not easily removed from hairs just by washing them on shampoo. The best possible solution is to add 1 tea spoon of backing soda to shampoo and then you will see the difference in result and will find your hairs fresh and clean once again.

10: Brushing teeths in morning:
It has been noticed that after dinner when people sleep then its a whole night for bacteria to perform their function. So the best possible solution is to brush teeths before breakfast. It not only clean teeths but also prevent you from swolowing bacteria.

11: Use of room temperature water:
In order to prevent skin and body from any mishap, the best possible solution is to take room temperature water for drinking and bathing because hot or cod will result in dehydration and dry skin.

12: Coconut oil for hair and skin:
The best possible solution for skin and hairs is to apply coconut oil on the tip of fingers on skin and hairs. It is good for all skin and hair types.

13: Use of foundation with SPF:
If you are using sunscreen or any cream that has SPF already present in it then its no effective in any way to use a foundation that has sun protection factor. As it will create a thik layer on the skin and may have negative effects.


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