9 mistakes during workout that don’t let you get desired body.


Daily gym visits must give you best results day by day but if it’s not giving you must focus on where you are doing the mistake.

1: More than required cardio: As said and believed that cardio brings best results which it does for sure but there is a limit to it. If you do more then require then you are getting your body tired of the actual exercise for which you visit the gym and it may have negative effects on your cardiovascular system. For best results do cardio within limits.

2: Getting diet of low calories: Low calories diet is best for the heart, and slow down aging process but when you are not working out. When you work out then your body needs extra protein, fats, and carbohydrates which are burned during exercises for best results. Therefore you must add extra protein, carbohydrates, and vitamins to get better results from the workout.

3: Electrolytes sports drinks: It’s more harmful than to get healthy results from drinks during or after a workout which include electrolytes. These drinks have minerals but an excess amount of sugar in it. It’s always healthy to stay away from such drinks.

4: Avoiding drinking during workout: During the workout, the body is continuously losing water which includes healthy minerals. Whereas most of the people avoid drinking during workout and torture their body. The best way is to take small amounts of water actively during a workout.

5: Eating more Than required: An average of 500-kilocalories are burned during an hour gym exercise but it does not mean to eat more than required during workouts. A balanced diet must be taken during workouts to keep the body fit and healthy.

6: Working out on full or empty stomach: Working out on a full stomach or empty stomach is a bad option to choose from. You either get frustrated, dehydrated, feel lazy and tired, or not mentally prepared to do exercise. The best possible solution is to make healthy balanced diet 2 hours before the workout to get desired results.

7: Taking bath or sauna after workout: During the workout, a lot of healthy minerals and fluids are lost from the body due to which blood pressure rises. Taking bath after high blood pressure may weaken the body or cause fever and can affect your coming few days workout. The best solution is to take normal water after the workout and keep a gap of at least 30-45 minutes between work out and bath.

8: Not cooling down your body: As you warm up your body before work out the same way the body must be cooled down after exercise and a little stretching must be done in order to cool down the body and to stay away from muscles pain the next day.

9: Regular workouts: Regular workouts does not mean daily workout because daily workout may appear a burden on the mind or make your body tired. So its good to do exercise every after other day and to take excess sleep inorder to get the body fit.


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