7 Exercices that will completly transform your body shape in just 4 weeks.


Forget the Expensive Therapies and Medicines, here we will discuss the 7 easy Exercises which will help you transform your body shape in four weeks. The main thing about changing anything is doing something consistently and the same applies here, you have to be consistent for at least 4 weeks to get the desired result from these simple Exercises.
We discuss them one by one.

1: Plank:

How to do it: Plank is a dimensionally equal position from where the body is needed to be held stable in a correct and balance shape while keeping legs and back in straight position without bending it. Results: This exercise helps body abs, buttocks, back, legs and arms. This exercise improve body figure and general muscles.

2: Abs + Buttocks:

How to do it: Put the whole body on hands and feet in such a way that it causes tension on the back than raise one leg straight high as much you can. Then start to lower the upper body as much as possible without rising second feet off the ground. Results: It improves buttocks, abs and waist muscles.

3: Waist:

How to do it: Bent your arms at the elbow and place beneath face and lay down on face straight on the floor. Lift the upper portion of body as much as possible from the ground. Need to stay in this position at least for one second and then slowly return to initial position. Results: It Improve and tones spinal muscles.



4: Squats:

How to do it: Make as if to sit on an imaginary chair, with your knees and feet on the same line and your back kept straight. Place your feet shoulder-width apart, standing on your whole foot. You can keep your balance by raising your arms in front of you. Then rise back up as slowly as you can. Results: It improves muscles of thighs, and ankles and buttocks.

5: Exercise for Abs

How to do it: Bent our knees, sit on the ground and stretch hands above head and slowly lay down. With the straight stretch arms slowly raise up and touch your toes and slowly return to your initial position. Results: This exercise burn fats and improve core muscles.


6: Push Ups:

How To do it: Keep the arms straight in plank position by making sure that back, legs and pelvis are in straight line, then lower body as much possible and then slowly return to start position. Results: Push-ups greatly improve abdominal muscles, arms, and chest.


7: Thigh and Buttock Muscles Workout

How to do it: Touch ground of both hands and knees than lift up the left leg and right hand and stretch it straight. Touch right elbow and left knee while slowly bending them and then do the same with other arm and knee. Results: It is best for hip bending and torso muscles. It also gives power to the waist, buttocks and back muscles.

The four-week plan

This program consists of two separate basic workouts:

Workout #1

  • 1-minute  Plank;
  • 1-minute Push-ups
  • 2-minutes  Squats;
  • 1-minute Bird-dog;
  • 1-minute Lying hip raises;
  • 1-minute  Plank;
  • 1-minute Push-ups
  • 2-minutes  Squats;

Rest for 10 seconds between exercises.

Workout #2

  • 3-minutes  Plank;
  • 3-minutes  Bird-dog;
  • 3-minutes  Lying hip raises;
  • 1-minute Push-ups;

Rest for 15 seconds between exercises.

This is performed 6 times per week, followed by one rest day :


Day 1 – Workout NO 1
Day 2 – Workout NO 2
Day 3 – Workout NO1
Day 4 – Workout NO 2
Day 5 – Workout NO 1
Day 6 – Workout  NO 2
Day 7 – rest


Day 1 – Workout NO 2
Day 2 – Workout NO1
Day 3 – Workout NO 2
Day 4 – Workout NO1
Day 5 – Workout NO 2
Day 6 – Workout NO 1
Day 7 – rest

Switch back to week 1 after you complete week 2.


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