When You Meet Your Soulmate And They’re Not Single, It’s Actually A Good Thing

A lot of people persevere through bad relationships, waiting to meet their soul mates. Then they go on to have the amazing relationship that they have always fantasized about. But for some, they find out that their soul mates are attached to someone. That could look like some terrible joke that nature is playing on them. If you have been in such a disadvantaged position, you would be perplexed.


Meeting your soulmate and then finding out that that person isn’t available because they are in a relationship with someone else can be soul crushing. You could begin to question the signs that show that such a person is your soulmate.

Then you would begin to wonder why the universe is dishing you such hard luck. I mean, it can be a horrible experience to meet someone who is your soul mate and then not being able to be with that person.

Having a soul mate that is attached to someone

It isn’t a coincidence that there are soulmate couples out there. And nature is responsible for creating such a strong bond between such people. It also decides when and where these special and uniquely bonded individuals would meet. Just know that everything fits perfectly in the big picture, with every piece of the puzzle having intent behind its shape. So if you discovered your soulmate but also found out that they are in a relationship with someone else, just know that everything will work out fine.

Your coming maybe designed to let your soulmate become clear on what it is that he/she wants. It could also be that your soulmate needs more experiences that would help him/her get to the level of maturity and understanding that is needed to finally make your relationship together better. Or that could also mean that with you showing up, your soulmates relationship doesn’t get serious. It could mean any of these situations that are mentioned above.

Have you ever thought of it this way, maybe you may be meeting your soulmate at a point in time when they don’t really get what it is to be in a soulmate relationship. Remember that those who usually are in soulmate relationships only get there after many failed relationships in search of the real one. So their present relationship could be a learning process for them. And believe me, they would need whatever knowledge or skill that they would pick on the way to find the right relationship. This is because soulmate relationships can be difficult as well, despite it being one of the best relationships you can possibly have.

So don’t get upset, frustrated or depressed that you can’t simply get together with your soulmate when you find them. Don’t think of it as some hard luck that the universe is dishing out on you. You are totally fine, and the wait will be worth it.

Remember that you can’t see the big picture as the universe does, and at the present, the puzzle pieces may not make any sense. But you just have to trust the process. Finally, everything will turn out fine.

Sometimes you meet your soulmate that is already in a relationship with someone else, can be a challenge for you to help the person see that they were meant to be with you. Especially when their current relationship is not healthy. The universe may have chosen this time to let you meet your soulmate all for the purpose of you helping them leave the toxic relationship that they are in.

At this point in time, they may not even know what it is like to have a soulmate, or they may have given up hope that they would get someone like you and therefore decided to settle for what they have already.

So your coming has been predestined to help your soulmate get the needed strength and faith to get out of that terrible relationship and get that which they have always wanted – a relationship best fit for them. A relationship that they can be themselves without being judged and where they can be happy.

Although that this can sound like something easy to do – helping your soulmate realize that he/she is in the wrong relationship and help them move out of it can be hard, know that it could take some time to actually make it work.

And there are many reasons for this delay. One of them is that they value security, they have become afraid of trying again and so would rather settle with the devil they know than the angel they love.

Another reason that maybe prolong and make the process of salvaging tougher is your soulmate being so intoxicated with such a relationship that they don’t know what it feels like to be in a good relationship. And so they may love you but it wouldn’t enter the periphery of their imaginations that it is possible and right to be with someone that they want. Their self-esteem could be so battered by the problems and challenges of their current relationship that they don’t believe that they can be loved that way. They don’t know that they deserve to be loved the right way.

So know that your meeting them is just part of their learning process, during the whole ordeal make sure that you don’t get impatient and therefore lose focus – although this can be a very hard thing to do.

Also, know that all you can do is to put a conscious effort into letting them know that it is possible to leave their bad relationships for that which will benefit more. But you can only bring a horse to the stream, but you can’t force it to drink water.

Your soulmate is the only one that can take that bold step out of their terrible relationship into a far better one. And that move takes quite a lot of courage and faith. Unfortunately, it is possible that your soulmate may not find enough of the two to take a right step in the right direction. And that wouldn’t be your fault whatsoever, you did your own part, and your soulmate chooses their own path.

So with the questions that arise with the situation we discussed above, some may say that you should do it one or the other if you find your soulmate who isn’t single. But the truth is that there are not straightforward answers to these kinds of questions. There are no hard and fast rules to approaching such problems. Instead, time and space determine what measures are to be taken.

But whatever those measures are, always know that discovering that your soulmate isn’t single, Inst the biggest disaster that can happen to you. It isn’t the end of the world either. Always remember that your happiness lies in your hands. Every other thing is just a periphery.

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