What Dirty Thing Each Zodiac Sign Will Try In Bed

It seems like our Zodiac signs don’t just give us an insight into our characters, predict our day, and expose our proclivities, it can also tell a tale or two about our depraved and sick fetishes in the bedroom. So, think about that when next you tell someone what zodiac sign you fall under, they just might be able to discover your deepest darkest secrets.


Read below to discover what depraved debauchery you’re liable to indulge in, From foot fetishes to bondage and porn, discover yourself. Don’t feel bad. We aren’t judging you. I mean, whatever gets you off huh?

The Intense Aries

The Aries are known for their adventurous spirits which they show in accepting change quickly and in the bedroom. Aries-born is quite quick to embrace new sex positions and role plays that aren’t popular like playing horsey. They need kinks to satisfy their need for adrenaline rushes and to have sex in public, or unlikely places are bound to feed that craving. So, the next time you stumble on a couple getting it on in the club, you could guess their Zodiac sign. They are also quite notably fond of intense sexual experiences because they live in the moment.

Taurus, the Sensual and the Dirty

Taurean is in touch with their senses much more than any other zodiac sign, and this makes them a beautiful lover who is ready to fulfill your deepest sexual desires. They have feet fetishes and sometimes exhibit a predilection for the nasty, this is because some of them indulge in dirty sex, literally dirty sex which involves golden showers and sometimes dung.

Gemini, the Curious

Curiosity kills the cat, so they say but not when it comes to a Gemini-born and sex. Geminis are very inquisitive people who like to have a taste of every pudding. This curious attitude leads them to have multiple sexual partners and will most likely indulge themselves in a ménage à trois.

Cancers like to keep it in the family.

Cancers have family oriented fetishes, and this means that they get off on Incestuous role plays with their sexual partners. They love the daddy daughter, uncle kink, and this is because Cancers are very emotional people and this bleeds onto their sexual experiences making them crave experiences full of love and who gives more love than family?

Leo, the aggressive

Leos are well known to be aggressive and display an endearing take charge attitude in life, and when they get back, they want some fun and rest. Hence, the Leo is a submissive in bed. Take note that they would not settle for less than the best domination and can revert to their dominant sides if the dominator does not do an excellent job of it.

Virgo, the Wild

Virgos between the sheets are opposites from out of it. These shy virginal people turn into sex monsters who are willing to try anything. However, although they’re down for a quick anal, they are also anal about their quilt afterward. Yet, they have an insatiable appetite which they intend to indulge.

Libra, bosses of Oral

If sex for you is incomplete without oral action, then a Libra born lover is just what the doctor ordered. These passionate personalities are experts at oral sex and enjoy their foreplay. In fact, they do enjoy the foreplay more than the sex and can guarantee that their partners equally enjoy themselves.

Libras are also known to have a particular affinity for the butt. Yes!, they love anal sex and regularly indulge themselves. They are also known to give anilingus. So, if the above is your poison, you should probably settle for a Libra partner.

Scorpio, the dominants

Scorpios love sex a lot and enjoy having sex in forbidden places and semi-public places. They also like intense sexual experiences and are known to practice edging( the practice of bringing one to the edge of an orgasm over and over again before orgasming for a more intense orgasm)
Another well-known proclivity they have is of BDSM. They love bondage and submission games and most if not all are sexual dominants. They like to play with the pain-pleasure boundary and can on occasion get too excited, so a safe word is not amiss. It’s encouraged. Scorpios just love sex wherever and whenever they can get it.

Sagittarius, flighty lovers

These dear people have a short attention span when it comes to their lovers. They crave the flirting and the courting much more than sex, and if you plan to keep a Sagittarius lover, then you need to be unpredictable and spice things up regularly, and they’ll stay.
They love their freedom so much, and it can be hard to pin them down. With that being said, they are quite possessive of their lovers.
Another fetish they have is they like a little bit of kink like spanking and even choking as it is exciting.

Capricorns, the energy gods

Contrary to their staid personalities, Capricorns are freaks in bed. Well, they have to have an outlet huh? They are beautiful lovers who are ready to try out new things in bed. They are dominants and enjoy spanking, biting, and even choking. They enjoy a bit of S$M( sadism and masochism). It turns them on.

Another point in their favor sexually is that they never get tired, they are like these energy gods when it comes to sex. They can go on and on and on. I can guarantee that their lovers are pleased because it goes without saying that they’ll be well pleased and satisfied.
Both male and female exhibit this wildness in bed.

Aquarius, Experimental Lovers

Those born under this sign are known for eschewing vanilla sex, and they instead go for more exciting sex, they usually indulge in phone sex, because they get turned on by husky voices.
Aquarians are also remarkably more liable to make use of sex toys and massage oils. Anything to give them phenomenal sex.
Although enjoyable, they can go overboard at times when trying out harmful things.

Pisces, the pleasers

A Pisces born has an inherent need to please people, and this spills over into their sex life. They are willing to try almost anything to keep their lovers satisfied and happy, this can sometimes backfire on them, and they get hurt.

They are also known to be turned on by fantasies, and this can be used to spice up your sex life if you’re getting it on with a Piscean.
Most Pisces born to have a foot fetish though and giving extensive attention to their feet might get you a very sexually satisfied partner.

So, people, now that you know what turns on each Zodiac sign, you can get out there and make your partner feel good today.

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