Light Up Your Girl’s Mood Instantly

So when it comes to a women’s mood it is always difficult to change it rapidly. Trust me if your girlfriend is upset with you easily and it’s hard to change her mood, this article will help you. As we all know that a women heart is always hard to understand and easy to make it melt. Sometimes they are very sweet to you and sometimes they react very weirdly to your things, it is only because of their mood. If we are talking on men’s behalf these things are very strange to us. According to someone who said “Making a woman happy is the world’s toughest job”, My answer is not now. Read every point carefully and learn how to change their mood as fast as you can.

Letting her Ride

Woman-on-top tends to be a go-to for achieving orgasm, and for good reason. “It allows you to dictate the pace and depth of thrusting, but mainly, you have easy access to your clitoris,” says Berman. “You can touch [it], have him touch it, or rub against his pubic bone to achieve orgasm.” But you can up the ante by literally pulling a 180. Twist around so you’re pointed toward his feet in reverse cowgirl position. “Instead of straddling him, put your legs together, feet flat between his legs,” suggests Brame. The benefits of this are twofold: With your legs together, the fit is even tighter, making the sensations more intense. Plus, there’s increased internal stimulation, which combined with your own clitoral strokes, makes for an explosive orgasm.

Surprise breakfast in bed

Serving your better half a breakfast in bed always was a great idea to make their mood great. According to some expert, every woman in the world wishes that their boyfriend or husband will serve them breakfast in the bed. Make sure you check this point very clear.

Strong flirting

We all heard that flirting is an art, But flirting is also a healer of the mood. Strong flirting can easily improve any women’s mood, the only thing you have to do is just master yourself in flirting. While flirting do some roleplay like you are meeting for the first time or you are going out for the first time.


Taking any women shopping will change their bad mood. This is the best way to change any woman’s mood. Well, I think there is no need for any more explanation.

Lengthy and meaningful conversation

We all know women love to talk. A lengthy and meaningful conversation always helps better than a romantic talk. This makes them feel that you are interested in their daily things and care for them to hear problems.


Trips can change anyone’s mood. Just take her to her’s favorite place where she wants to visit form a long time. Trips can help you guys to get more close to each other. You can understand each other better and learn something new to please each other.

Compliments will always make her smile.

Compliment her on her hair, dress, eyes, smile. That is the best way to put a smile on her face. Sweet little compliment enough to recover any women’s mood.

The feeling of being loved and adored

Telling your women that she is the most beautiful women you ever saw will enhance her mood. Making any girl feel loved and adored can change their mood as well as change their mind. This is the best technique to improve a bad mood.


Women love the flower and giving anyone what they love can make them happy. Just surprise your better half with the right kind of flower she loves. A single flower can work easy but we all know more is better.

Music and dance

Dance with her, Sing with her, Make her feel happy will helps you the most. A women mood can be healed by just spending some time like a couple. If you know what I am saying this will be easy for you. Sing her favorite song, dance with her.

Forehead kiss Will Improve Her Mood

Forehead kisses show that how much you care, And showing her how much you care about her is the best feeling she ever had. Kiss on the forehead works better than any other kiss.  Just kiss her on the forehead with some beautiful lines recover her mood rapidly, in fact, this will enhance her mood more.

Wine is always the answer.

Take her to the best restaurant where you can eat and talk about things while drinking your wine. This helps a lot of people to understand their better half.

Dresses and Makeup

Makeup is the most important thing for today’s women. Makeup always enhances any women’s mood easily. Gifting a right kind of makeup kit. Surprise her with a good branded makeup kit will help you.

Cute texts are an absolute must.

Text her and tell her how much she means to you. This thing will put a big smile on her face. Try it and I guarantee you will get an equally cute and sweet message from her.


Emotional attachment to your partner can absolutely play a role in orgasm. If that sounds like you, there’s no configuration that’s more snuggly than the spoon. To assume the position, simply lie on your side, your dude scooted up behind you. Rather than move in and out, he should stay inside you, gently thrusting against the front wall of your vagina. “Aside from fulfilling your cuddly needs, it provides consistent stimulation, which is key for achieving orgasm from intercourse,” Berman points out. “Since he may not be able to penetrate you as deeply though, guide his hand around your [clitoris].” And just think: Once you’ve both climaxed, you’ll be in perfect postcoital cuddle position too.


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