8Things The Color Of Your Period Blood Says About Your Health

It turns out the colour of your period can tell you a lot about your hormonal health.



This could mean you have low estrogen levels. This is especially true if you have very light periods or are a frequent runner. Excessive exercise levels can also decrease your estrogen levels. Low levels of this hormone if left untreated can increase your risk of osteoporosis if left untreated. So if you notice your periods have become much lighter in colour check in with your doctor. Other possibly issues to watch out for include poor nutrition, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), or pre menopause.


Watery looking blood could indicate a nutritional deficiney. A diluted period could also indicate severe anemia, especially if your period is getting lighter.

3:Dark brown…

While this might look odd, it’s actually normal especially at the very beginning or end of your period. This occurs when older pieces of your uterine lining and blood leave your body. Because it has taken longer to leave your body the blood has had time to oxidize making it look brown or almost black.

4:Thick red with large clots…

While a bit of clotting is fine, if you have very large clots it could indicate a hormonal imbalance. Experts suggest watching how much dairy and sugar you are consuming and seeing if that makes any difference. Fibroids are another possibility especially if you have heavy and clot filled periods and should be checked with your doctor.

5:Mix of gray and red…

You may have an infection, especially if it’s accompanied by a bad smell. If you are worried you may have an STD get tested immediately so you can get the right treatment.

6:Light-colored spotting

If you notice light red or pinkish spotting right before your period, this could indicate low estrogen levels, says Charlery White. Since a hormonal issue can lead to problems like infrequent periods, dryness, and fatigue, it’s worth seeing your gyno about if it persists.

7:Orange blood

If you notice an orange-ish tint to your blood, its scent and consistency can give you a clue into whether there’s a problem. A slippery texture is generally normal, but anything else—especially combined with a bad odor—could be a sign the blood has mixed with cervical fluids as the result of an infection or STD. Get it checked out ASAP.

8:Bright red blood

Bright red menstrual blood is most typical in the beginning of your cycle, since it indicates that your uterine lining is shedding new blood at a fast rate. If it turns up at a different point in your cycle or is accompanied by abnormal cramping, there’s a small chance it indicates a miscarriage or ruptured ovarian cyst, but you’re most likely fine, says Charlery White.

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