6 Things Our Exes Teach Us – Without Us Realizing

We all know breakups are the worse. You invest time, money and effort into a person, and all of that ends up in nothing but grains of sand. But is it really nothing that we get out of brutal breakups?


If we believe the saying that failure is a teacher, our relationships will be the greatest of teachers we’ve ever had.

After every breakup, if you start asking yourself about what you learnt from that, the failure of the relationship might not seem as an entirely useless experience. And it teaches you the mistakes you made this time around and prevents you from making them again next time.

But regardless of any benefit it might have, moving on is always easier said than done. Here are 5 reasons to help you turn your bad breakup experience into one of thankfulness rather than one where you harbor bitterness and hate. These show us why we should treat our failed relationships as lessons that we learnt.

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