15 Things Women Hate in Bed And Why You Should Avoid Them

Sex is an important aspect of all relationships. Of course, your sex life should be fulfilling to you, but the same goes for your partner. Your girlfriend has needs, and she also has certain things she doesn’t want to be done in bed. You should pay close attention to the stuff she likes and hates – knowing that and doing more of the stuff she likes can easily improve your relationship and intimacy levels. This story is going to list 15 things women don’t like doing in bed.


Too Much Inspiration from Porn

If your man watches too much porn, there are some large chances of him getting “inspiration” for sex positions from the internet – which he would like to recreate. Women do not like to experiment with difficult positions such as that one called “Head Over Heels.”

Too Much Spanking

There is nothing sexier than spanking a woman’s behind during the sex, but spanking too hard is gross. In that situation, the woman would feel like a real slave or like she is being raped at that moment. Within for a second, the pleasure could be turned into sorrow.

Being Rude

Every woman loves dirty talk, but most of them don’t want their partner to go that far where he could tell them anything. If you don’t want to ruin your perfect night with some unpleasant words, don’t do it unless she has already told you that she loves you being rude.

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