10 Ways To Have A Happy Relationship In Modern Times

Although there is still a lot of sexism in our society today, the dynamics between men and women in relationships together has changed for the better.

1:Demand Your Own Alone Time

We all need to spend time alone, whether or not we know it. Oftentimes, we ignore this fact and then emotionally retract into our shells or caverns, becoming temporary hermits as a result of an unbalanced lifestyle. Spend time alone regularly and you’ll have a clearer mind to guide you through all those emotions you’re experiencing.


2:Promise Exclusivity

I’m sure polygamy or open relationships of sorts may work for some people, but generally speaking, they are a bad idea. People have egos — usually big egos. Sharing makes you feel like you aren’t sufficient, like you aren’t good enough. No one wants to feel that way. If you love someone, you won’t ever be willing to share. We’re very selfish when it comes to love.

3:Don’t Cheat

Cheating is a result of laziness. You’re obviously not doing enough within your relationship to keep it exciting. Relationships sometimes have problems, causing people to fall into the arms of others, but if you have a healthy relationship, don’t go looking for new tail. Your woman is definitely just as beautiful as she was when you met her a few months ago. You’re just bored because you’re too lazy to make things exciting.

4:Let Your Partner Know How You Feel

Don’t just tell him or her; show your partner that you love him or her, that you care. Expressing your love requires you having a keen understanding of what affection means to him or her — not to you, but to your partner. This is where most people go wrong. We think that loving our partners the way that we, ourselves, want to be loved is the same as loving them the way they want to be loved. It most cases, two people perceive love in two different ways.

5:Love ‘Em Or Leave ‘Em

If you don’t love your partner, you are wasting both your time and his or her time. Plus, the inevitable breakup will just get worse the longer you wait. Cut it off like you rip off a Band-Aid and move on.

6:Always Go That Extra Mile

Why? Because your partner deserves it. He or she deserves everything, the whole damn world. If you could give it to him or her, you would. This is the person you love and you wish all the best experiences in the world for. Your partner’s happiness is, in part, your happiness.

7:Be Rational And Logical

Use your partner to his or her greatest benefit; your partner is your best friend. This, of course, requires you to distance yourself from your emotions and give an objective, unbiased argument. Easier said than done? Maybe. But whoever told you that relationships are easy was lying to you.

8:Always Keep Your Partner In Mind

Your partner isn’t all of you, but he or she is a part of you, an extension. You can’t ignore a part of yourself because you’ll never be happy that way.

9:Be Respectful

A person is not a thing. If you love someone, you have to respect and treat that person as a human being. Often times, this does require giving personal space.

10:Be Open With Your Partner

Don’t lie to your partner. Be honest and sincere. He or she should know all the important things about you and your life.

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