10 Signs That You Are a Strong Woman

Strong women command respect and reverence from everyone. Everyone of us has so many stories of strong women around us, and we can’t help but get inspired by their stories. Strong women stand firm and they act like pillars for their loved ones. If you think that you are a strong woman then you will be able to relate to the following ten traits that all strong women have.


1. Your courage is unmatched.

A strong woman never shies away from any challenge no matter how difficult it is. Not only that, but a strong woman also knows when to walk away from a situation that is no longer of benefit to her. It doesn’t mean strong women don’t feel fear, what it rather means is that a strong woman has the courage to face her fears.

2. You never stop loving yourself

Strong women don’t look down upon themselves. They accept all their mistakes and flaws and understand that it’s absolutely normal to make mistakes. Loving one’s own self is a hard task and it requires effort and perseverance. If you are truly strong then you will love yourself no matter what.

3. You are independent emotionally, physically and financially.

It means that you can take care of your well being without depending on anyone else. It’s quite intimidating to take on the world on your own first. But when you trust yourself any task is possible. Strong women know how to uphold their life and take care of themselves independently.

4. You are filled with kindness and compassion.

Kindness and compassion are not weaknesses; rather they radiate the goodness and purity of your soul. Strong women can connect with everyone emotionally because of their compassion and kindness. This trait makes strong women very effective leaders.

5. You base your decisions on your own instinct.

Strong women don’t let anyone else govern their life. They base their life decisions solely on their own gut feeling. If they don’t feel good about something they will not agree to it, even though it might be so appealing to the world. A strong woman knows when to listen to her intuition.

6. You are a role model for everyone

Everyone looks up to you for inspiration. You are a beacon of light for everyone. People know that they can come for advice to you, and they can ask for help. Everyone admires the company of a strong woman. They draw strength from your life story.

7. You make yourself happy

Strong women are independent in this regard as well. They build their own happiness and they focus on finding happiness in their own self rather than looking for it in others. A strong woman accepts the fact that everyone has to endure hardships in their life but it doesn’t mean you lose your spark.

8. You let your emotions out without fear of judgment.

A strong woman knows when to let her emotions and feelings out. Holding in emotions is never healthy for anyone. Strong women speak their minds and let the world know how they feel without feeling any hesitation.

9. You always have faith in yourself.

Having faith in one’s one abilities is vital to leading a successful life. Strong women always believe in their abilities and strengths and use that faith to overcome every challenge.

10. You support and love everyone.

Life is too short for holding grudges and pulling legs. A strong woman is free from such problems, she loves and supports everyone unconditionally without asking for anything in return.

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