10 Signs She is The One and 5 Signs She Is Not

Women are very complicated, you never know what they want or what they don’t want. This is why it is so hard to decide if she’s the one or not. Where do you want to take things with her? Is she “wifey material” or will she make your life a living hell? Well, we have compiled 10 ways to tell if she is the one and 5 ways to tell if she’s not. Read on to find where your relationship is heading.


15. She Doesn’t Judge Your Past

If your girl knows secrets from your past and doesn’t hold them against you, then you have a keeper. Regardless of whether she has some skeletons in her closet or not, this shows that she accepts you for who you are, which is the most important quality.

14. She’s Messy

Just to be honest, a messy girl isn’t going to help you develop as a person and will only make you live like a slob yourself too. A lifetime with her means not only picking up after yourself but also her!

13. She Can Nurture You When You Need It

If you are sick, have had a long day at work or even just aren’t in the mood, you know you can count on her to make you feel better. Even though she knows she doesn’t have to do these things, but actually wants to.

12. She Knows When to Give You Space

She knows when to mother you but at the same time, leaves you alone when you want space. You need both and she totally respects this without making a big deal.

11. She’s Not Loyal

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